[Python-Dev] Python 2.5 and ast-branch

Neil Schemenauer nas at arctrix.com
Thu Oct 6 18:22:53 CEST 2005

Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at gmail.com> wrote:
> If we kill the branch for now, then anyone that wants to bring up the idea 
> again can write a PEP first

I still have some (very) small hope that it can be finished.  If we
don't get it done soon then I fear that it will never happen.  I had
hoped that a SoC student would pick up the task or someone would ask
for a grant from the PSF.  Oh well.

> A strategy that may work out better is [...]

Another thought I've had recently is that most of the complexity
seems to be in the CST to AST translator.  Perhaps having a parser
that provided a nicer CST might help.


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