[Python-Dev] LOAD_SELF and SELF_ATTR opcodes

Tim Delaney tcdelaney at optusnet.com.au
Sat Oct 15 02:30:07 CEST 2005

Sorry I can't reply to the message (I'm at home, and don't currently have 
python-dev sent there).

I have a version of Raymond's constant binding recipe:

that also binds all attribute accesses all the way down into a single 
constant call e.g.

    LOAD_FAST  0
    LOAD_ATTR  'a'
    LOAD_ATTR  'b'
    LOAD_ATTR  'c'
    LOAD_ATTR  'd'

is bound to a single constant:


where constant 5 is the object obtained from `self.a.b.c.d`. Unfortunately, 
I think it's at work - don't seem to have a copy here :(

Obviously, this isn't applicable to as many cases, but it might be 
interesting to compare what kind of results this produces compared to 

Tim Delaney 

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