[Python-Dev] Conversion to Subversion is complete

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Fri Oct 28 09:53:31 CEST 2005

martin at v.loewis.de writes:

> The Python source code repository is now converted to subversion;
> please feel free to start checking out new sandboxes. For a few
> days, this installation probably still needs to be considered in
> testing. If there are no serious problems found by next Monday,
> I would consider conversion of the data complete. The CVS repository
> will be kept available read-only for a while longer, so you can
> easily forward any patches you may have.
> Most of you are probably interested in checking out one of these
> folders:
> svn+ssh://pythondev@svn.python.org/python/trunk
> svn+ssh://pythondev@svn.python.org/python/branches/release24-maint
> svn+ssh://pythondev@svn.python.org/peps

Works out of the box for me, thanks, Martin (but we have debugged this

Can anyone recommend an XEmacs svn plugin to use - I've tried psvn.el
from http://www.xsteve.at/prg/emacs/psvn.el which seems to work?


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