[Python-Dev] PEP 351, the freeze protocol

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Mon Oct 31 16:53:25 CET 2005

Josiah Carlson wrote:
>>Perhaps I didn't make it clear. The difference between wxPython's Grid
>>and my table is that in the table, most values are *computed*. This
>>means that there's no point in changing the values themselves. They
>>are also used frequently as set members (I can describe why, but it's
>>a bit complicated.)
> Again, user semantics.  Tell your users not to modify entries, and/or
> you can make copies of objects you return.  If your users are too daft
> to read and/or follow directions, then they deserve to have their
> software not work.
That sounds like a "get out of jail free" card for Microsoft and many 
other software vendors ...

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