[Python-Dev] String views

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Sep 2 07:59:45 CEST 2005

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Holden <steve at holdenweb.com> writes:

    Steve> Since Python strings *can* contain embedded NULs, doesn't
    Steve> that rather poo on the idea of passing pointers to their
    Steve> data to C functions as things stand?

I think it's a "consenting adults" issue.

Ie, C programmers always face the issue of "Do I dare strfry() this
char[]?"  I don't see what difference it makes that the C program in
question is being linked with Python, or that the source of the data
is a Python string.  He's chosen to program in C, let him get on with it.

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