[Python-Dev] python/dist/src/Lib urllib.py,,

Raymond Hettinger raymond.hettinger at verizon.net
Thu Sep 15 08:20:26 CEST 2005

[Reinhold Birkenfeld]
> This last patch includes a new exception, are you sure that this can
> safely backported?

Not too worried about it.  Better to have the exception reported than
the silent failure that confused the heck out of everyone who tried to
figure-out what caused the OP's problem.

> If so, the documentation changes must be backported, too.

Maybe.  My thought is the new message is akin to an improved error
message.  However, adding it to the Py2.4 docs suggests that you could
catch and handle the exception, but that cannot be done portably across
Py2.4 versions.  If you really feel the need, go ahead and add to the
docs with \versionadded{2.4.2}.  My preference is to leave it be.


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