[Python-Dev] GIL, Python 3, and MP vs. UP

Jonathan LaCour jonathan-lists at cleverdevil.org
Wed Sep 21 19:38:13 CEST 2005

> The best way to make people stop complaining about the GIL and start
> using process-based multiprogramming is to provide solid, standardized 
> support for process-based multiprogramming.


Huge amounts of effort would have to be invested to remove the GIL for 
the benefit of threads.  Not only would the effort be huge, the 
difficulty and complexity of writing extension modules would be 
increased.  Regardless of the arguments about SMP systems and the GIL, 
Python should provide as much support for process-based 
multi-programming as it does for threading.

How about sinking that same effort into better Python support for 
process-based multi-programming?  All the categories that Simon 
suggested are great candidates for the targets of this effort.  Are 
there any existing efforts that I don't know about?

Jonathan LaCour

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