[Python-Dev] Trasvesal thought on syntax features

Paolino paolo_veronelli at libero.it
Mon Sep 26 14:22:52 CEST 2005

I don't remember where I read (here around probably) that having a 
"client pluggable" syntax was not good for python because then ,and more 
blah blah.I believed it was a rule of the thumb..
But ,when a client programmer like me writes code he tries to give a 
clean, unambigous interface/syntax for a possible under user.Having a 
fixed set of keywords and not overridable syntactic sugar is just a 
limit.Once a sound set of unittest is written with documentation, every 
useful library would add its keywords.
What I start thinking reading here is that if you let redefine, instead:

1) print statement :I will redefine it like now , no matter if python 
3.0 is not selling it any more in the language

2) on A take B or C: How ever and whatever one would like to write, this 
expression could  be definable, ending all the pathetic blah blah (hope 
not to offend)

Thanks for jour job anyway.


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