[Python-Dev] C API doc fix

Robey Pointer robey at lag.net
Thu Sep 29 20:40:11 CEST 2005

Yesterday I ran into a bug in the C API docs.  The top of this page:



     This type represents a 16-bit unsigned storage type which is  
used by Python internally as basis for holding Unicode ordinals. On  
platforms where wchar_t is available and also has 16-bits, Py_UNICODE  
is a typedef alias for wchar_t to enhance native platform  
compatibility. On all other platforms, Py_UNICODE is a typedef alias  
for unsigned short.

This is incorrect on some platforms: on Debian, Py_UNICODE turns out  
to be 32 bits.

I'm not sure what the correct quote should be: Does python use  
wchar_t whenever it's available (16 bits or not)?

I solved my problem by realizing that I was going about things  
entirely wrong, and that I should use the python codecs from C and  
not worry about what Py_UNICODE contains.  However, I think we should  
fix the docs to avoid confusing others... or maybe it would be better  
to document what's in Py_UNICODE and suggest always using the codec  
methods?  I don't have a strong opinion either way.


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