[Python-Dev] Win64 AMD64 (aka x64) binaries available64

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Apr 9 10:44:47 CEST 2006

Thomas Heller wrote:
>>>     return Py_BuildValue("HHHHs",
>>>                          ver.dwMajorVersion,
>>>                          ver.dwMinorVersion,
>>>                          ver.dwBuildNumber,
>>>                          ver.dwPlatformId,
>>>                          ver.szCSDVersion);
>>> The crash disappears if I change the first parameter in the
>>> Py_BuildValue call to "LLLLs".  No idea why.
>>> With this change, I can start the exe without a crash, but
>>> sys.versioninfo starts with (IIRC) (2, 0, 5,...).
>> Very strange. What is your compiler version (first line of cl /?)?

I have looked into this. In the latest SDK (2003 SP1), Microsoft has
changed the include structure; there are no separate amd64
subdirectories anymore. Then, cl.exe was picking up the wrong
stdarg.h (the one of VS 2003), which would not work for AMD64.

I have corrected that in vsextcomp, but I will need to check a few
more things before releasing it.


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