[Python-Dev] introducing the experimental pyref wiki

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Sat Apr 29 20:54:00 CEST 2006

the pytut wiki (http://pytut.infogami.com/) has now been up and
running for one month, and has seen well over 250 edits from over
a dozen contributors.

to celebrate this, and to exercise the toolchain that I've deve-
loped for pytut and pyfaq (http://pyfaq.infogami.com/), I spent
a few hours putting together a hyperlinked mashup of the language
reference and portions of the library reference:


a couple of notes:

- all important "concepts" have unique URLs: this includes key-
  words, types, special methods and attributes, statements,
  builtin functions, and exceptions.

- the conversion and structure is a bit rough; especially the
  syntax/data model/execution model parts needs some serious
  refactoring. the "concept pages" are in a lot better shape.

- registered users can add comments to all pages (editing is
  currently "by invitation only"; mail me your infogami account
  if you want to help!)

- the documentation style used at the pyref site is tuned for
  authoring; an "end-user rendering" for python.org can look a
  lot different.  (all three sites can be made available in
  glorious XHTML for inclusion in arbitrary toolchains).



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