[Python-Dev] using globals

Werkhoven J.P. van (Sjaak) Sjaak.van.Werkhoven at nl.fortis.com
Wed Aug 2 10:02:20 CEST 2006


I have got a problem with importing global variables. For instance I have
got two files:

# t1.py							#t2.py

counter = 1				

def counter_adder(filenr):					def
   global counter						    import
   counter+= 1						    print("adder is
%d" % t1.counter)
   if filenr == 1:
      import t2

def show_adder():
   print("adder is %d" % counter)

adder is 2
adder is 1

When I look at the outcome of two function calls I expected no differences
but much to my surprise it goes wrong when the global variable is imported.
It doesn't give the updated value but the value it get when instantiated.
Who come? What should I do to get the updated value


Sjaak van Werkhoven

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