[Python-Dev] Dict suppressing exceptions

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Thu Aug 10 10:23:48 CEST 2006

"Jim Jewett" <jimjjewett at gmail.com> writes:

>> It wasn't my idea to stop ignoring exceptions in dict lookups; I would
>> gladly have put this off until Py3k, where the main problem
>> (str-unicode __eq__ raising UnicodeError) will go away.
>> But since people are adamant that they want this in sooner,
> Is this true for dictionaries specifically?
> Would there really be strong objections to continuing to swallow
> any Exception (not BaseException) raised by __eq__ ?

Armin's reason for changing dictionaries in this way was that enormous
debugging pain was caused by dicts swallowing exceptions raised by
__eq__ methods.  Having the __eq__ methods swallow the exceptions by
themselves would make the situation *worse*, not better.


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