[Python-Dev] IDLE patches - bugfix or not?

Jim Jewett jimjjewett at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 22:19:43 CEST 2006

I just uploaded a series of IDLE patches, but I'm not quite sure how
to classify them on the feature/bugfix scale now that the last beta is

>From most to least buggish:

python.org/sf/1540892 -- honor the new quit() behavior.  On the other
hand, it was documented that this didn't work in IDLE, and it is
*possible* that someone was counting on this.

python.org/sf/1540851 -- with is now a blockopener, and should be
counted as such -- I *think* this one would be safe, but I know that
changing a parser can be surprising, and I suppose it *could* wait
until with no longer requires a future statement.

python.org/sf/1540874 -- broken shortcut keys.  On windows, only one
entry per menu can be reached with the same shortcut letter, so
advertising others is just an attractive nuisance.  I'm not sure that
other systems wouldn't be able to use the hidden shortcuts.

python.org/sf/1540869 -- GUI fix.  The current code puts in a
separator using a magic number (and has XXX comments about it.)  This
changes the magic number so that the separator is more visible, but
I'm not sure the old behavior rose to a bug, or that it wasn't
platform dependent.

python.org/sf/1540849 -- except too broad.  I wouldn't suggest
applying this late in the release cycle, except that it seems sort of
like the memory errors that are still being patched.


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