[Python-Dev] Interest in a Python 2.3.6?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Aug 29 17:22:58 CEST 2006

I am considering producing a Python 2.3.6 release, which would of  
course only be a bug fix maintenance release.  The primary reason is  
that not all OS distributions have upgraded to Python 2.4 and I think  
it's worthwhile for us to bless a release that fixes known critical  
bugs.  I'm willing to be the release manager for 2.3.6, but I'm  
hoping you all will be able to help identify the most important bugs  
that need fixing.

First, is there interest in getting a 2.3.6 release out?  I'd propose  
keeping things simple, by picking a date and releasing what we've got  
at that date (assuming of course all the unit tests pass).  It's  
probably a good idea to add a wiki page tracking the fixes we want to  
get in there.

2.5 final is slated for 12-Sep-2006 and I know that Anthony is  
planning for a 2.4.4 soon after that.  I'm thinking that we'd try to  
do a 2.3.6 a couple of weeks after 2.4.4 so that people who care  
about it aren't stacked up with fixing too many branches at once.  My  
first thought was to shoot for Monday October 9th.

What are the potential 2.3.6 fixes?  Nothing on this page:


seems critical to me.  I know that I've added some important email  
package fixes that are already in Subversion.  There are tons of bugs  
and patches reported against 2.3 in SF (lament: why won't SF just / 
tell/ me how many there are?), but I have no idea atm which, if any,  
are important enough to go into a 2.3.6.  I haven't yet done an svn  
diff to see what changes are already in there.

I don't have the cycles to fix things myself, so it would be up to  
everyone to help commit fixes.  I'll ride herd a bit if necessary.

Thoughts?  I don't want to waste my time if nobody thinks a 2.3.6  
would be useful, but I'm happy to do it if there's community  
support.  I'll also need the usual help with Windows installers and  
documentation updates.


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