[Python-Dev] LSB: Selection of a Python version

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Dec 4 19:49:29 CET 2006

At the LSB meeting, there was a brief discussion of what Python
version should be incorporated into LSB. This is more an issue
if ABI compatibility for the C ABI is desired, but even if only
script portability is a goal, application developers will need
to know what APIs they have available in LSB 3.2 and which they

LSB codifies existing practice, rather than defining "anticipating"
standards, so things get only into LSB if they are already
commonplace in distributions. Currently, Python 2.4 is widely
available in Linux distributions; Python 2.5 is not and (apparently)
will not be included in the next RHEL release (which apparently
is coming soon).

So it looks like LSB will standardize on Python 2.4 (which will also
be the default version in the next Debian release).


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