[Python-Dev] Spam and semi-spam and neo-spam

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Fri Dec 8 02:10:58 CET 2006

"Karen Treanor" <krwtreanor at ozemail.com.au> writes:

> More and more people seem to be having a selection of email addresses,
> some for general contact, some for business, and one private one for
> only a select few contacts.  This isn't possible in business, as your
> email address is by necessity public, it has to be.
> I recently tried replying to a piece of spam and clicked on the opt
> out button, but the sent item just bounced back as undeliverable.
> Yahoo has a Spam tag facility but that only works for 'fixed' sites,
> these random rotating ones each come in as discreet items and there's
> no way to block them at source.

Don't ever do that!
1. The majority of these links are bogus.
2. The majority of the rest use your click to verify you are a working
   email address.  Then they sell the 'verified' list and you get even
   more spam.
3. Some of the links are fraudulent: they are phishing links which don't
   go where you expect, i.e. they use special characters to fool you.
   The result is you are directed to a site which infects your computer.


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