[Python-Dev] Let's just *keep* lambda

Patrick Collison patrick at collison.ie
Wed Feb 8 11:13:25 CET 2006

>> After so many attempts to come up with an alternative for lambda,
>> perhaps we should admit defeat. I've not had the time to follow the
>> most recent rounds, but I propose that we keep lambda, so as to stop
>> wasting everybody's talent and time on an impossible quest.
> I agree with this. The *name* "lambda" is a wart, even if the deferred
> expression feature isn't. My preference is to simply replace the
> keyword lambda with a keyword "expr" (or if that's not acceptable
> because there's too much prior use of expr as a variable name, then
> maybe "expression" - but that's starting to get a bit long).

Sorry, I'm a little late to this discussion.

How about `procedure', or just `proc'?

And to think that people thought that keeping "lambda", but changing  
the name, would avoid all the heated discussion... :-)


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