[Python-Dev] Linking with mscvrt

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Wed Feb 8 19:21:51 CET 2006

Thomas Heller wrote:
> I'm not sure the platform SDK include files (.H and .IDL) are really
> compatible with VC7.1.  I remember that we (on our company, building C++
> software) had to 'Unregister the PSDK Directories with Visual Studio'
> (available from the start menu) before building the stuff, otherwise
> there were compiler errors.

This needs some testing, sure. However, I'm fairly confident that
Microsoft has fixed/is going to fix whatever issues arise - they
want the platform SDK to be usable with a "recent" compiler (not
necessarily the latest one). There was a recent update to the platform
SDK (which now comes with both Itanium and AMD64 compilers), so
I'm (still) optimistic.


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