[Python-Dev] email 3.1 for Python 2.5 using PEP 8 module names

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Thu Feb 9 04:15:14 CET 2006

I posted a message to the email-sig expressing my desire to change our
module naming scheme to conform to PEP 8.  This would entail a bump in
the email version to 3.1, and would be included in Python 2.5.  Of
course, the old names would still work, for at least one Python release.

All the responses so far have been favorable, and Fred Drake provided a
nice hook for allow us to support both the old and new names.  Code is
now checked into the Python sandbox that implements this.

Here's the top of the thread:


I'd like to keep discussion on the email-sig, so please join us there if
you care about this one way or the other.


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