[Python-Dev] Let's send lambda to the shearing shed (Re: Let's just *keep* lambda)

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Feb 9 04:41:10 CET 2006

My thought on lambda at the moment is that it's too VERBOSE.

If a syntax for anonymous functions is to pull its weight,
it needs to be *very* concise. The only time I ever consider
writing a function definition in-line is when the body is
extremely short, otherwise it's clearer to use a def instead.

Given that, I do *not* have the space to waste with 6 or 7
characters of geeky noise-word.

So my vote for Py3k is to either

1) Replace lambda args: value with

   args -> value

or something equivalently concise, or

2) Remove lambda entirely.

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