[Python-Dev] Linking with mscvrt

Neil Hodgson nyamatongwe at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 23:00:51 CET 2006

Paul Moore:

> This has all been thrashed out before, but the issue is passing
> CRT-allocated objects across DLL boundaries.

   Yes, that was the first point I addressed through wrapping CRT objects.

> At first glance, this is a minor issue - passing FILE* pointers across
> DLL boundaries isn't something I'd normally expect people to do - but
> look further and you find you're opening a real can of worms. For
> example, Python has public APIs which take FILE* parameters.

   So convert them to taking PyWrappedFile * parameters.

> Further,
> memory allocation is CRT-managed - allocate memory with one CRT's
> malloc, and dealloacte it elsewhere, and you have issues. So *any*
> pointer could be CRT-managed, to some extent. Etc, etc...

   I thought PyMem_Malloc was the correct call to use for memory
allocation now and avoided direct links to the CRT for memory


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