[Python-Dev] Pervasive socket failures on Windows

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 06:36:09 CET 2006

> ...  FD_SETSIZE is the maximum number of distinct fd's an fdset can
> hold, and the numerical magnitude of any specific fd has nothing to do
> with that in general (they may be related in fact on Unix systems that
> implement an fdset as "a big bit vector" -- but Windows doesn't work
> that way, and neither do all Unix systems, and nothing in socket
> specs requires an implementation to work that way).

Hmm.  Looks like POSIX _does_ require that.  Can't work on Windows,
though.  I have a distinct memory of a 64-bit Unix that didn't work
that way either, but while that memory is younger than I am, it's too
old for me to recall more than just that ;-).

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