[Python-Dev] Linking with mscvrt

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Fri Feb 10 09:43:10 CET 2006

Martin v. Löwis wrote:

>>> At first glance, this is a minor issue - passing FILE* pointers
>>> across
>>> DLL boundaries isn't something I'd normally expect people to do -
>>> but
>>> look further and you find you're opening a real can of worms. For
>>> example, Python has public APIs which take FILE* parameters.
>>    So convert them to taking PyWrappedFile * parameters.
> Easy to say, hard to do.

But *that's* the solution for this problem. It's always been like this under
Windows and will always be. Changing back to msvcrt so that people must compile
their extension with non-standard compilation options it's really *worse* than
just requiring msvcrt71 and punt. There's also a free compiler from Microsoft
and tons of webpages which say how to compile with it. Or with mingw, even.

So, I really believe that the situation is settling down. People are doing what
they want to, with some difficulties perhaps, but there's nothing really
undoable. If another change has to be pursued, it is to abstract Python from
CRT altogether, or at least across boundaries.
Giovanni Bajo

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