[Python-Dev] release plan for 2.5 ?

Thomas Wouters thomas at xs4all.net
Fri Feb 10 23:55:36 CET 2006

On Fri, Feb 10, 2006 at 02:45:54PM -0800, Guido van Rossum wrote:

> The PEP has the following timeline (my interpretation):
> 2.4: implement new behavior with from __future__ import absolute_import
> 2.5: deprecate old-style relative import unless future statement present
> 2.6: disable old-style relative import, future statement no longer necessary

> Since it wasn't implemented in 2.4, I think all these should be bumped
> by one release. Aahz, since you own the PEP, can you do that (and make
> any other updates that might result)?

Bumping is fine (of course), but I'd like a short discussion on the actual
disabling before it happens (rather than the disabling happening without
anyone noticing until beta2.) There seem to be a lot of users still using
2.3, at the moment, in spite of its age. Hopefully, by the time 2.7 comes
out, everyone will have switched to 2.5, but if not, it could still be a
major annoyance to conscientious module-writers, like MAL.

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