[Python-Dev] bdist_* to stdlib?

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Feb 15 02:00:21 CET 2006

Joe Smith wrote:

> Windows and RPM are known for major dependency problems, letting packages 
> damage each other, having packages that do not uninstall cleanly (i.e. 
> packages that leave junk all over the place) and generally messing the sytem 
> up quite baddly over time, so that the OS is usually removed and 
> re-installed periodically.)

I'm disappointed that the various Linux distributions
still don't seem to have caught onto the very simple
idea of *not* scattering files all over the place when
installing something.

MacOSX seems to be the only system so far that has got
this right -- organising the system so that everything
related to a given application or library can be kept
under a single directory, clearly labelled with a
version number.

I haven't looked closely into eggs yet, but if they allow
Python packages to be managed this way, and do it cross-
platform, that's a very good reason to prefer using eggs
over a platform-specific package format.

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