[Python-Dev] bdist_* to stdlib?

Thomas Wouters thomas at xs4all.net
Wed Feb 15 02:35:03 CET 2006

On Wed, Feb 15, 2006 at 02:00:21PM +1300, Greg Ewing wrote:
> Joe Smith wrote:
> > Windows and RPM are known for major dependency problems, letting packages 
> > damage each other, having packages that do not uninstall cleanly (i.e. 
> > packages that leave junk all over the place) and generally messing the sytem 
> > up quite baddly over time, so that the OS is usually removed and 
> > re-installed periodically.)
> I'm disappointed that the various Linux distributions
> still don't seem to have caught onto the very simple
> idea of *not* scattering files all over the place when
> installing something.

Well, as an end user, I honestly don't care. I install stuff through apt, it
installs the dependencies for me, does basic configuration where applicable
(often asking for user-input once, then remembering the settings) and allows
me to deinstall when I'm tired of a package. As long as apt handles it, I
couldn't care less whether it's installed in separate directories, large
bzip2 archives with suitable playmates from mixed ethnicity to improve
social contact, or spread out across every 17th byte of a logical volume.

As a programmer, I also don't care. I tell distutils which modules/packages,
data files and scripts to install, and it does the rest. And that's why I
like my Python packages to become .deb's through bdist_deb :)

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