[Python-Dev] 2.5 release schedule

Neal Norwitz nnorwitz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 06:24:57 CET 2006

I was hoping to get a lot more feedback about PEP 356 and the 2.5
release schedule.


I updated the schedule it is now:

    alpha 1: May 6, 2006 [planned]
    alpha 2: June 3, 2006 [planned]
    alpha 3: July 1, 2006 [planned]
    beta 1:  July 29, 2006 [planned]
    beta 2:  August 26, 2006 [planned]
    rc 1:    September 16, 2006 [planned]
    final:   September 30, 2006 [planned]

What do people think about that?  There are still a lot of features we
want to add.  Is this ok with everyone?  Do you think it's realistic?

We still need a release manager.  No one has heard from Anthony.  If
he isn't interested is someone else interested in trying their hand at
it?  There are many changes necessary in PEP 101 because since the
last release both python and pydotorg have transitioned from CVS to
SVN.  Creosote also moved.


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