[Python-Dev] bytes type discussion

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake at acm.org
Wed Feb 15 08:12:37 CET 2006

On Wednesday 15 February 2006 01:44, Greg Ewing wrote:
 > If the protocol has been sensibly designed, that shouldn't
 > happen, since everything up to the coding marker should
 > be ascii (or some other protocol-defined initial coding).


 > For protocols that are not sensibly designed (or if you're
 > just trying to guess) what you suggest may be needed. But
 > it would be good to have a nicer way of going about it
 > for when the protocol is sensible.

I agree in principle, but the example of using an HTML <meta> tag as a source 
of document encoding information isn't sensible.  Unfortunately, it's still 
part of the HTML specification.  :-(

I'm not opposing a way to do a sensible thing, but wanted to note that it 
wasn't going to be right for all cases, with such an example having been 
mentioned already (though the issues with it had not been fully spelled out).


Fred L. Drake, Jr.   <fdrake at acm.org>

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