[Python-Dev] C AST to Python discussion

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Feb 16 10:55:42 CET 2006

Brett Cannon wrote:

> If the compiler was hacked on by more people I would agree with this. 
> But few people do

This has the potential to be a self-perpetuating situation.
There may be few people hacking on it now, but more people
may want to in the future. Those people may look at the
funky coding style and get discouraged, so there remains
only few people working on it, thus apparently justifying
the decision to keep the funky coding style.

Whereas if there weren't any funky coding style in the
first place, more potential compiler hackers might be
encouraged to have a go.

Also I'm still wondering why we're going to all this effort
to build a whole new AST and compiler structure if the
purpose isn't to *avoid* all this transformation between
different representations.


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