[Python-Dev] Test failures in test_timeout

Dmitry Vasiliev lists at hlabs.spb.ru
Fri Feb 17 08:27:47 CET 2006

Steve Holden wrote:
> Thomas Wouters wrote:
>> I'm thinking that it could probably try to connect to a less reliable
>> website, but that's just moving the problem around (and possibly harassing
>> an unsuspecting website, particularly around release-time.) Perhaps the test
>> should try to connect to a known unconnecting site, like a firewalled port
>> on www.python.org? Not something that refuses connections, just something
>> that times out.
> Couldn't the test use subprocess to start a reliably slow server on 
> localhost? It might even be possible to retrieve the ephemeral port 
> number used by the server, to avoid conflicts with already-used ports on 
> the testing machine.

About 3 years ago I submitted the patch for test_timeout which had fixed some 
of these issues:


Now I think the patch need more review and need to be updated for the current 
Python version and maybe some new ideas.

Dmitry Vasiliev (dima at hlabs.spb.ru)

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