[Python-Dev] str.translate vs unicode.translate

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Fri Feb 17 14:24:51 CET 2006

Bengt Richter wrote:
> If str becomes unicode for PY 3000, and we then have bytes as out coding-agnostic
> byte data, then I think bytes should have the str translation method, with a tweak
> that I would hope could also be done to str now.
> BTW, str.translate will presumably become unicode.translate, so
> perhaps unicode.translate should grow a compatible deletechars parameter.

I'd much rather like to see .translate() method deprecated.

Writing a code for the task is much more effective - the
builtin charmap codec will do all the mapping for you,
if you have a need to go from bytes to Unicode and vice-

We could also have a bytemap codec for doing bytes to bytes

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