[Python-Dev] Counter proposal: multidict (was: Proposal: defaultdict)

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake at acm.org
Fri Feb 17 21:03:06 CET 2006

On Friday 17 February 2006 14:51, Ian Bicking wrote:
 > This all seems to be a
 > roundabout way to address one important use case of a dictionary with
 > multiple values for each key, 

I think there are use cases that do not involve multiple values per key.  That 
is one place where this commonly comes up, but not the only one.

 > and in the process breaking an important 
 > quality of good Python code, that attribute and getitem access not have
 > noticeable side effects.

I'm not sure that's quite as well-defined or agreed upon as you do.


Fred L. Drake, Jr.   <fdrake at acm.org>

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