[Python-Dev] bytes.from_hex() [Was: PEP 332 revival in coordination with pep 349?]

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sat Feb 18 09:59:38 CET 2006

Aahz wrote:
> The problem is that they don't understand that "Martin v. L?wis" is not
> Unicode -- once all strings are Unicode, this is guaranteed to work.

This specific call, yes. I don't think the problem will go away as long
as both encode and decode are available for both strings and byte

> While it's not absolutely true, my experience of watching Unicode
> confusion is that the simplest approach for newbies is: encode FROM
> Unicode, decode TO Unicode.

I think this is what should be in-grained into the library, also. It
shouldn't try to give additional meaning to these terms.


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