[Python-Dev] Win64 AMD64 (aka x64) binaries available64

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Feb 21 00:00:43 CET 2006

I have now produces a snapshot of a Win64 build for AMD64
processors (also known as EM64T or x64); this is different
from IA-64 (which is also known as Itanium)...

Anyway, the binaries are


This is from today's trunk. If you have general remarks/discussion,
please post to python-dev. If you have specific bug reports, file
them on SF. Bug fixes are particularly welcome.

Known issues:
- _ssl.pyd is not build (I get linker errors)
- some of the tests fail (in some cases, due to bugs in the test suite)

If you want to build extensions for this build using distutils, you
need to
1. install the platform SDK (2003 SP1 should work)
2. open an AMD64 retail shell
3. run the included distutils

It might be possible to drop 2) some day, but finding the SDK from
the registry is really tricky.


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