[Python-Dev] buildbot vs. Windows

Neal Norwitz nnorwitz at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 09:09:12 CET 2006

On 2/20/06, Tim Peters <tim.peters at gmail.com> wrote:
> Speaking as a PSF director, I might not vote for that :-)  Fact is
> I've been keeping the build & tests 100% healthy on WinXP Pro, and
> that requires more than just running the tests (it also requires
> repairing compiler warnings and Unixisms).

These are some ways we need buildbot to help us more.  IMO compiler
warnings should generate emails from buildbot.  We would need to
filter out a bunch, but it would be desirable to know about warnings
on different architectures.  Unfortunately, there are a ton of
warnings on OS X right now.

> Adding -r to the buildbot test recipe is a decent idea.  Getting
> _some_ debug-build test runs would also be good (or do we do that
> already?).

Buildbot runs "make testall" which does not run the tests in random order.

There's nothing to prevent buildbot from making debug builds, though
that is not currently done.  The builds I run on the x86 box every 12
hours *do* use debug builds (Misc/build.sh).  The results are here: 

I also recently switched the email to go to python-checkins, though
there haven't been any failures yet (unless they are sitting in a spam
queue).  There are some hangs (like right now):

Thread 1:

Lib/threading.py (204): wait
Lib/threading.py (543): join
Lib/threading.py (637): __exitfunc
Lib/atexit.py (25): _run_exitfuncs

Thread 2:

Lib/socket.py (170): accept
Lib/SocketServer.py (373): get_request
Lib/SocketServer.py (218): handle_request
Lib/test/test_socketserver.py (33): serve_a_few
Lib/test/test_socketserver.py (82): run
Lib/threading.py (445): __bootstrap

I've seen test_socketserver fail before, this could be due to running
2 tests simultaneously.

> Anyway, since XP Pro is effectively covered, I'd be keener to see a
> Windows buildbot running under a different flavor of Windows.



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