[Python-Dev] Buildbot questions

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Wed Jan 11 09:39:50 CET 2006

> > Ah, but that would require changes to the slaves, right? I would
> > prefer a solution that avoids that.
> I don't think so. In my little test setup I didn't have to make any
> change to the slave.

The "update" and "clobber" mode parameters are implemented on the slave side.
Trent's patch changes which mode setting is used on the master side before
anything is sent to the slaves, so the slaves don't have to know anything
about it.

In general there is as little slave-side code as possible, to reduce the need
to upgrade or change the code on that side. The VC checkout/update operations
are an exception, since they may do several operations in a row (which would
mean a lot more latency to do them without support from code on the slave
side), and because I'm lazy and prefer to implement the algorithms in Python
instead of in Bourne shell :).


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