[Python-Dev] ConfigParser to save with order

Tony Meyer t-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Jan 20 12:19:54 CET 2006

[Tony Meyer]
> Allowing 'surgical' editing of configuration files, as has been
> proposed many times both here and c.l.p would not require
> ConfigParser to be entirely rewritten (just more extensive
> modification of the write() method).

After writing the summary of this thread, I figured I might as well  
prove this by submitting a patch, so did so:

[ 1410680 ] Add 'surgical editing' to ConfigParser

So there are now at least three open ConfigParser patches, all  
addressing similar things, although not in the same way, and all  
three could actually be applied.

My patch (which includes new unittests and a marked-up doc patch)  
runs through a file and updates it to match the in-memory  
configuration object.  Comments, blank lines, and order are  
preserved.  By default (this can be turned off with a keyword arg)  
new sections/options are added to the file as well (new options in  
existing sections are added at the end of the last instance of that  
section, new sections are added at the end of the file).  These new  
options are added in alphabetical (well, list.sort()) order, so  
ordering is consistent, and if an empty file is 'updated' one ends up  
with the output of write() but sorted.

This is essentially a tidied-up version of the SpamBayes code I wrote  
a few years back.

If anyone is still interested in adding this, feel free to take a  
look at the tracker :)


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