[Python-Dev] New Pythondoc by effbot

Georg Brandl g.brandl-nospam at gmx.net
Sat Jan 21 21:11:53 CET 2006

What Fredrik hacks together there (http://www.effbot.org/lib) is very 
impressive. I especially like the "permalinks" in this style:


What I would suggest (for any new doc system) is a "split" view: on the left, 
the normal text, on the right, an area with only the headings, functions, 
example and "see also" links (which preferably stays in sight). This way, you 
always keep the outline in view.

Of course, I wouldn't say no to a user-commenting system, but this would have to 
be moderated.

What I'm also curious about regarding the current docs, why are optional 
arguments in function declarations not written in Python style?


PS: Fredrik, if I can help you, please tell me!

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