[Python-Dev] SourceForge Download Page, Subversion Home Page

Joe Smith unknown_kev_cat at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 28 22:55:14 CET 2006

"Steve Holden" <steve at holdenweb.com> wrote in message 
news:43D9F90E.1040703 at holdenweb.com...
> You may be aware that Tim Parkin's work on our "next-generation" web
> presence has borne fruit in the shape of beta.python.org. While there's
> still a lot to be done Tim has given us a great start by creating a
> framework that makes it rather easier to manage content.

For the record, I'm just a user of the language. However, I tend to prefer 
the current site design over the new one.
But I also felt the same way when the Mozilla.org site was updated to be 
more 'friendly' (quite a while ago), and
have learned to live with it, so it is not a major problem.

> There's the further issue that the entire HTML body of
> http://svn.python.org/ currently reads
> <!-- not sure what to put here -->
> It would seem like the logical place to have pointers to Subversion
> software (downloads, documentation, operating instructions) together
> with an *annotated* summary of http://svn.python.org/projects/ and links
> back to the main developer site at the very least. I'm not even sure
> where that web content is under SVN control at the moment.

Also If there is any sort of webcvs software running, it may be ice to link 
to it from that page. 

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