[Python-Dev] Lexical scoping in Python 3k

Andrew Koenig ark at acm.org
Sat Jul 1 21:06:38 CEST 2006

> What about doing something similar to how import was changed?
> .a = 5 # this scope (self might be too magical
> ..a = 3 # up one scope
> ...a # up three
> Of course, this looks ... perhaps a bit strange. Also, counting is a
> bother.

I'd rather see a simpler rule: = never defines a variable in a surrounding
scope.  If you want to affect the binding of such a variable, you have to
define it explicitly in the scope in which you want it.


	x = 42
	def f():
		x = 123		# rebinds x as defined above
		y = 123		# defines local variable
	print x			# prints 123
	print y			# error -- y not defined

Yes, I know that rule is too simplistic.  But I think I'd still prefer it to
the way things are now.

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