[Python-Dev] Community buildbots -- reprise

Grig Gheorghiu grig.gheorghiu at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 19:04:38 CEST 2006


This message is in response to Glyph's plea

Here's what Glyph said:

"I would like to propose, although I certainly don't have time to
implement, a program by which Python-using projects could contribute
buildslaves which would run their projects' tests with the latest
Python trunk.  This would provide two useful incentives: Python code
would gain a reputation as generally well-tested (since there is a
direct incentive to write tests for your project: get notified when
core python changes might break it), and the core developers would have
instant feedback when a "small" change breaks more code than it was
expected to."

I'm volunteering to organize this effort, is there is enough interest
on this list. In fact, I've done some prep work already:

 * got a domain name: pybots.org
 * got a $47/month Ubuntu-based VPS from JohnCompanies.com (root access
and everything); it's available at master.pybots.org, and it's ready to
be configured as a buildmaster for the pybots
 * got a mailing list: pybots at lists2.idyll.org

I can start configuring the Ubuntu machine as a buildmaster, and I can
also add a buildslave on the same machine that will check out the
latest Python trunk code, build it, then run the automated tests for a
sample project -- let's say for Twisted, since Glyph was the one
requesting this. This will also serve as a sample buildslave for other
people who will be interested in running buildslaves for their own

Apart from the goals stated by Glyph, I see this as a very valuable
effort in convincing people of the value of automated tests,
Python-related or not. A secondary effect I'd like to see would be for
these suites of tests to be invoked in a standard fashion -- maybe
'python setup.py test'.

If PSF can contribute some $$$ towards the hosting of the master
server, that would be appreciated, but not required. All that's
required is enough interest from the community.

Please let me know if you're interested.



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