[Python-Dev] UUID module

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Sat Jun 10 17:35:17 CEST 2006

Ka-Ping Yee wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
>> This does not work, for several reasons.
>> 1. (pythoncom|pywintypes).CreateGuid() return a PyIID instance, which you cannot slice:
> You're right.  The PEAK code must have been based on an earlier
> version of the CreateGuid() routine.
> I've fixed this, and added detection of the UUID version so that
> the MAC address will only be picked up if the UUID version is 1.
>> (BTW: Why does it first try pywintypes, the pythoncom?)
> Because PEAK does this, and i see the CreateGuid routine imported
> from both modules in Google searches for code, i assumed that it
> used to live in one module and moved to the other.
> I've also figured out how to get the MAC address using NetBIOS
> calls, and added that to the repertoire of methods.  I've tested
> this and it works fast.  I think this may be better than
> UuidCreateSequential, because it should work on both Win98 and XP.

I have not tested the speed, but extending my snippet to also work
on 98 should be nearly trivial:

    _func = windll.rpcrt4.UuidCreateSequential
except AttributeError:
    _func = windll.rpcrt4.UuidCreate

def CreateGuid():
    uuid = UUID()
    if 0 == _func(byref(uuid)):
        return str(buffer(uuid))


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