[Python-Dev] UUID module

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Sun Jun 11 15:35:46 CEST 2006

Ka-Ping Yee <python-dev at zesty.ca> wrote:

> Quite a few people have expressed interest in having UUID
> functionality in the standard library, and previously on this
> list some suggested possibly using the uuid.py module i wrote:
>     http://zesty.ca/python/uuid.py

Some comments on the code:

> for dir in ['', r'c:\windows\system32', r'c:\winnt\system32']:

Can we get rid of these absolute paths? Something like this should suffice:

>>> from ctypes import *
>>> buf = create_string_buffer(4096)
>>> windll.kernel32.GetSystemDirectoryA(buf, 4096)
>>> buf.value.decode("mbcs")

>  for function in functions:
>        try:
>            _node = function()
>        except:
>            continue

This also hides typos and whatnot. I guess it's better if each function catches
its own exceptions, and either return None or raise a common exception (like a
class _GetNodeError(RuntimeError)) which is then caught.

Giovanni Bajo

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