[Python-Dev] External Package Maintenance (was Re: Please stop changing wsgiref on the trunk)

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 01:49:53 CEST 2006

[Phillip J. Eby]
>> Actually, I started out with "please" -- twice, after having previously
>> asked please in advance.  I've also seen lots of messages on Python-Dev
>> where Tim Peters wrote about having wasted time due to other folks not
>> following established procedures, and I tried to emulate his tone.  I guess
>> I didn't do a very good job, but not everybody is as funny as Tim is.  :)


[Steve Holden]
> I wonder what the hell's up with Tim. He's been really crabby lately ...

Moi?  Not at all!  Once or twice a year I do get pissed off when a
period of scant free time coincides with a period of people checking
in test-breaking changes that _would_ have failed on their own box had
they bothered to run the tests at all.  That's plain bad practice, and
deserves all the flaming pixels a mythical authority figure can
conjure up in opposition.

But that hasn't happened lately (test_wsgiref only failed under -O,
and I don't expect people to run tests that way routinely -- I run the
tests 8 ways when a release is coming up).

>> Anyway, will anyone who was offended by the original message please pretend
>> that it was delightfully witty and written by Tim instead?  Thanks.  ;)

No -- but because I wasn't offended to begin with.  Let's compromise:
everyone can pretend they wrote this message instead, so if nobody
replies everyone can pretend they got the last word :-)

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