[Python-Dev] Python 2.4 extensions require VC 7.1?

Scott Dial scott+python-dev at scottdial.com
Sat Jun 17 09:12:09 CEST 2006

Giovanni Bajo wrote:
> It was discussed before, and the agreement was to use VS 2003 for another cycle
> (i.e. 2.5). But the fact that VS 2003 is no longer available for download is an
> important fact, and we might want to rediscuss the issue.

I don't recall the discussion vividly, but I think the reasoning was 
something like "because it still works." Maybe I remember wrong, but 
this is not a compelling argument en lieu of it being hard to get a hold 
of the toolkit. If there is some kind of legwork involved with getting 
python moved to VS2005, then I'll volunteer..

Despite the possibility illegality of the posting of the toolkit, I 
suggest curious people to google for '"Index Of" VCToolkitSetup.exe', if 
need be.

Scott Dial
scott at scottdial.com
scodial at indiana.edu

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