[Python-Dev] uuid backward compatibility

Ka-Ping Yee python-dev at zesty.ca
Sun Jun 18 10:05:58 CEST 2006

On Sun, 18 Jun 2006, George Yoshida wrote:
> uuid.py says in its docstring:
>   This module works with Python 2.3 or higher.
> And my question is:
>   Do we plan to make it 2.3 compatible in future releases?
> If so, uuid needs to be listed in PEP 291.
> Otherwise, the comment is misleading.

The comment isn't misleading, because the module actually does work
with Python 2.3.  It would only become misleading if it were later
changed to break compatibility with Python 2.3 without updating the

I intentionally avoided breaking compatibility with Python 2.3 so
that there would be just one current version of uuid.py, both in
the svn repository and available for use with existing installations
of Python, since Python 2.3 is so widely deployed right now.

Anyway, it looks like someone has added this module to the list of
backward-compatible modules in PEP 291.  Regarding whether we want
it to be on that list (i.e. whether or not this backward-compatibility
should be retained as Python moves forward), i'm happy to have it
either way.

-- ?!ng

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