[Python-Dev] Adding winerror module (Beta 1 schedule ?)

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Sun Jun 18 20:57:39 CEST 2006

Neal Norwitz wrote:
> On 6/18/06, M.-A. Lemburg <mal at egenix.com> wrote:
>> Anthony Baxter wrote:
>> >> I'd also like to get the new winerror module in before
>> >> beta1 is released - documentation will follow next week:
>> >
>> > Hm. A new python module should be OK - but I was under the impression
>> > that then large piles of the standard library would be updated to use
>> > this new module. I'm less happy (much less) about this happening for
>> > 2.5.
>> I don't think that a lot of code currently uses the Windows
>> error codes. If code does use the Windows error codes, then
>> they usually hard-code the values in the module, so replacing
>> those values with ones from winerror wouldn't cause breakage.
>> winerror only contains mappings from error codes to error
>> names and vice-versa.
>> I agree, that it's a bit late in the 2.5 release process
>> to add a new module. Perhaps it should wait until 2.6.
> That's a big part of the reason I'd like to wait.  I think Martin had
> something about it he didn't like.  If the API isn't right, it's hard
> to change.  If we wait for 2.6, we can have more confidence the API
> will be good and we won't have to rush anything.

Ok, let's wait for Python 2.6...

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