[Python-Dev] beta1 coming real soon

Trent Mick trentm at activestate.com
Mon Jun 19 23:19:08 CEST 2006

[Neal Norwitz wrote on June 8th]
> It's June 9 in most parts of the world.  The schedule calls for beta 1
> on June 14.  That means there's less than 4 days until the expected
> code freeze.  Please don't rush to get everything in at the last
> minute.  The buildbots should remain green to keep Anthony happy and
> me sane (or is it the other way around).
> If you plan to make a checkin adding a feature (even a simple one),
> you oughta let people know by responding to this message.  Please get
> the bug fixes in ASAP.  Remember to add tests!

[and then Anthony Baxter wrote today]
 > Subject: TRUNK FREEZE IMMINENT FOR 2.5 BETA 1 - 00:00 UTC,20-JUNE-2006
 > The trunk will be FROZEN for 2.5b1 from 00:00UTC on Tuesday, 20th of
 > June. That's about 16 hours from now. Please don't checkin while the
 > trunk is frozen, unless you're one of the release team (me, Martin,
 > Fred, Ronald).

Can I, or will I be able to get these PyExpat fixes?

* [ 1462338 ] upgrade pyexpat to expat 2.0.0

* [ 1295808 ] expat symbols should be namespaced in pyexpat

The second one is that one I care about (and is well tested in Komodo on 
four platforms). It will be very important to have that one in the 
Python/Mozilla world (which with Mark Hammond's recent work for 
mozilla.org -- making Python a first class language in the browser along 
with JavaScript) because this namespacing is required to avoid crashing 
conflicts with another version of the expat symbols in the mozilla process.

Martin v. L. wanted the namespacing fix to be preceded by the upgrade to 
expat 2.0.0 -- which I have a patch for also.

I haven't checked in yet, because I dropped the ball for a few weeks here.

I'm going to start working on checking it in right now and will probably 
just go for it (because I have a few hours until Anthony's deadline ;)) 
unless I hear some screams.

Honestly I didn't intentionally wait until the pending trunk-freeze 
email came.


Trent Mick
trentm at activestate.com

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