Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Wed Jun 21 18:38:48 CEST 2006

2.5b1 is out, so I'm declaring the SVN trunk unfrozen. Note, though, 
that as we're now post-beta, we're in FEATURE FREEZE. 

Really. This means you. :-)

No new features should be checked in without prior approval - checkins 
that violate this will quite probably get backed out.

I expect that we will also now be quite a bit more anal about any 
checkins that break the buildbots. Please, please make sure you run 
the test suite before checking in - and if you're at all concerned 
that your checkin might have strange platform dependencies, check the 
buildbot status page (http://www.python.org/dev/buildbot/trunk/) 
after your checkin to make sure it didn't break anything. Similarly, 
if you're fixing a bug, if at all possible write a test and check 
that in as well. 

The buildbots and a focus on testing should mean that 2.5 ends up 
being one of the most solid Python releases so far. Please help us 
achieve this goal.

The feature freeze on the trunk will continue until we branch for 
release candidate 1 of 2.5 - sometime in the second half of July, 
probably. If you really have the need to do new work on the trunk 
before then, please work on a branch. 

Anthony Baxter     <anthony at interlink.com.au>
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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